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About Us

SCHMEAR Naturals Wholesome Skincare Made with Food and Plant Ingredients

Our Vision

SCHMEAR reimagines skincare with clean, wholesome ingredients. Our food-based skincare products are packed with nutrients derived from fruits, vegetables, grains and botanicals. Everything we make is designed to nourish skin from the outside in—and our focus on natural self-care helps folks feel good from the inside out, too. Because we believe that real people with real skin needs deserve to feel really, really good.

SCHMEAR Naturals Skincare About the Founders from Vancouver Canada

Our Story

For most of our lives, our skincare options were limited to mass-produced products with long lists of synthetic ingredients and unpronounceable chemicals. Realizing that we were missing out on essential self-care, we tapped into our combined 14 years of experience in the natural foods and wellness industries—not to mention our personal struggles with acne-prone and sensitive skin—to start exploring ways to take care of our bodies.

Our curiosity brought us to our kitchens. Inspired by holistic nutrition, we played with food in ways we’d never done before, crafting new concoctions from tried-and-true ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, and spirulina. We created simple, wholesome recipes that could soothe and nourish all skin types—and be fun to use! We were finally in charge of our own feel-good moments. 

SCHMEAR quickly outgrew our kitchens, sprouting into a collection of food-based skincare products. It became our way of helping others rediscover the joy of wholesome self-care. We’re always looking for innovative approaches to nourishing bodies from the outside in with real ingredients that make people feel good inside and out. Everything is made in Vancouver, B.C., and tested on friends, not animals. And we’re beyond excited about how easy it is for anyone to mix and match our ever-growing collection of products into a fully personalized skincare regimen. 

We hope SCHMEAR will refresh your self-care routine as much as it did ours.

Kitty & Jeffrey

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