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Transitioning From a Winter to Spring Skincare Routine

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

Image credits to Eva Adotik.

A brisk walk in December can be refreshingly cool. The crunch of your boots on freshly-fallen snow, a gorgeous white expanse across your vision, and the distinct scent of pine and clean air. But then, getting home, you might notice how dry and flakey your skin feels—even fragile. Why?

Just like we mentioned in our beginner’s guide on building your skincare routine, internal and external issues related to our diet, hormones, or the environment can often reflect in our skin’s condition. The arid and cold winters often lead to dry, flakey, and fragile skin for most people, translating to more layers of product and heavier moisturizers in their skincare routines.

As the season shifts to spring, we’ll see warmer temperatures, increased sun and rain, and higher humidity levels than the winter—all things that can influence the way our skin responds. With the spring officially starting in two weeks, we’ve compiled a list of skincare tips for you. Come and read on!

1. Switch to a Lighter Skincare Routine

While your skincare routine largely depends on your skin type and needs, the weather can have a significant impact on it as well! The arrival of March often means warmer temperatures and increased humidity, enjoying the outdoors again. But this also means more sweat, and when combined with the tumultuous spring weather, makes our skin more prone to clogging and breakouts.

The best way to address this is to lighten your skincare routine. Heavier moisturizers are wonderful for hydrating and protecting your skin in the winters but do the opposite in warmer conditions. Lean towards thinner, lightweight products that can refresh your skin; these products are also great for layering if you need more moisture.

2. Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine - Literally!

When was the last time you checked the expiry dates on your skincare products? Or the last time you took the chance to clean your makeup or skincare tools? It’s no secret that old products and tools can build up bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum and leave your skin prone to breakouts and infections. Be sure to take the chance to go through your collection and do some spring cleaning!

3. Be Gentle and Protect Your Skin

Winter and spring is often when our skin is the most fragile and prone to environmental changes. This often means a myriad of skin conditions, from flakiness to sudden breakouts and everything in between! These are often out of our control, and the best approach is to be gentle and focus on protecting your skin.

Suddenly find a patch of dry, flaky skin? Opt for using gentle, soothing exfoliants like our Matcha + Kelp Cleanser or one of our Superfood Face Masks rather than harsh scrubs. The colloidal oatmeal base in our products are an FDA-approved ingredient that helps exfoliate while providing irritation relief.

How about oily skin or breakouts? Try to first pinpoint the underlying cause, rather than immediately using clarifying products or treatments. This could be from a lack of moisture, causing your skin to overproduce sebum, hormones, or the change in humidity thanks to the weather. If any of these are the case, try to incorporate more moisture into your routine and lean away from drying products, being gentle to your skin until it calms down.

Of course, don’t forget to protect your skin with a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen as the final part of your skincare routine. This helps minimize UV damage to your skin and ensure your skin health; to learn more, check out this Harvard Medical School article on the science of sunscreen.

Interested in adding some new products to your routine? Check out our Instagram giveaway geared around a healthy, wholesome spring beauty routine partnered with The Rose Company and Joyà on Instagram!