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The Ultimate Guide to Your Skin's pH Levels

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

pH balanced. It's a word that's been trending in many products, but what exactly is your skin's pH, and why is it important to balance your skin to a healthy pH level? 

Power of hydrogen (pH) is a scale that measures the alkaline acid ratio ranges from 1 to 14. Between this scale, a 7 is neutral, and anything lower than that is more acidic, and anything higher than a 7 is more alkaline (basic). Our skin has a layer called the acid mantle, a protective film on the skin's surface that fights off infections and maintains moisture. This acid mantle is composed of sebum and amino acids from sweat that creates our skin's pH. 

So how does this all factor into your skincare, and how can you balance your skin's pH? Keep reading below.

what is the skin's normal pH balance?

Our skin is naturally acidic, or pH balanced, with a pH level of around 5.5. Our skin is acidic because it helps protect the skin from harmful fungi and bacterial infections. It's crucial to look for products targeted that don't strip the skin's natural oils, which can imbalance your pH levels, leading to breakouts.

In general, if your skin is more on the basic side, your skin is more sensitive to harsh ingredients and more inclined to dry patches. If your skin is more acidic, your skin may be more susceptible to breakouts. You may be using products that contain alcohol or products that may be over-stripping your skin's natural oils.

how do I find out my skin's pH level?

To be more accurate about your skin's pH level, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist or a health practitioner. Here's a quick at-home test to identify your skin's pH level. However, please use this more as a general guide rather than a decisive test result.

how do I rebalance my skin's pH level?

After finding out your skin's pH level, rebalancing to the normal range of healthy skin is vital. One of the best solutions is to introduce a gentle and soap-free cleanser into your skincare routine. Many facial cleansers are soap-based and bring the skin's pH to the 9.5 to 10.5 range. The high basic pH level causes disruptions to the pH balance, which results in dehydration, irritation, and clogged pores. 

We highly recommend using our Matcha + Kelp Gentle Cleansing Powder. It's soap-free and formulated with colloidal oats and apple cider vinegar that gently exfoliates and balances the skin's natural pH without disrupting the skin's barrier. The wholesome ingredients make it super gentle for daily use, leaving your skin subtle, soothed, and refreshed! 

Another great solution is to incorporate a pH balancing toner into your skincare routine. Keep in mind that many toners out in the market are astringent and include alcohol, damaging the skin's barrier. Toners with evaporative solvent alcohols may feel refreshing, cooling, and have a matte finish, but this is purely a short-term benefit. This strips the skin's natural oils in the long term and causes your skin to overcompensate for dryness by increasing oil production. It can also lead dry skin to be more inflamed, redder, and sensitive. 

If you're looking for a pH balancing toner, we recommend using our Aloe Vera + Blue Pea Balancing Toner. It's made with nourishing ingredients such as butterfly pea flower tea, aloe vera, cucumber, and distilled witch hazel that help refine pores, balance pH levels, and brighten your skin. Not only are pH-balanced toners the best products to rebalance your skin's pH, but they also help prepare your skin for other products in your routine.