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Our SCHMEAR Story on Giving Gifts

Mount Pleasant is one of my favorite neighborhoods around Vancouver. So when we found out that SCHMEAR was going to be on the shelves of Giving Gifts, we were head over heels! You might have noticed the shop when visiting the neighborhood coffee shops. Since spring of 2013, Giving Gifts has become a staple gift boutique, housing over 100 local and purpose-driven artists. You’ll learn about the stories behind each item as you wander around each of the five beautifully curated rooms.  Our favorite room has to be the skincare room, where over 20 made in Vancouver and Canada natural body care brands can be found (including your very own SCHMEAR Naturals).  Lisa promotes the story behind a local maker every week through her blog Lisa Loves. And this week, we had the chance to share our SCHMEAR story on her blog. Hope you enjoy!