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Goodbye For Now & Thank You

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

Hi SCHMEAR fam, I’ve got some bittersweet news to share. September 17th will be the last day of SCHMEAR as the brand it exists today. After much thought, I’ve decided to put SCHMEAR on a break. I can’t say if this will be forever, but the plans are indefinite (for now).

But why? SCHMEAR was created three years ago with the idea that we can create truly wholesome skincare products made with 100% real ingredients. I’m proud of everything we have created and built in the pursuit of this mission. We started this small business on Etsy and built a following that allowed us to launch our Shopify store and be offered at over 50+ local stores in Canada/US and garner 1000+ reviews.

Along the way, I was learning the fundamentals of building a business, brand, and community. But most importantly, learning more about our true passions and energy sources. Earlier this year, Kitty exited the business (you can find her building @wellbeings!). I also started building another local business in plant-based foods (find me @komocomfortfoods).

SCHMEAR has always been a passion project, but it has grown to a point where it needs full dedication and not only nights/weekends. I always want to ensure we provide a high level of quality and customer service. I know that continuing this passion business on the side of my desk does not serve it justice. Hence have made a decision to put SCHMEAR on a break. I know that this brand will come back in some form or another in the future, and I am excited to see what that may be.

Over the next two weeks, we will be running a 40% off sale to clear out our existing inventory. Don’t worry; these are all freshly made products! This will be your last chance to grab some of your faves. Also, there will be limited quantities left, and once they're gone, we won't be producing more. So get your faves before they run out!

We will also be sharing some memories of building SCHMEAR over the last three years on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who has supported SCHMEAR, whether it’s an order, a like, share, or comment. I am so very grateful for these three years.