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A Guide on Our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

As we transition into the new season, this is a great chance to spring clean your beauty routine and make it extra wholesome and sustainable - both for you and the environment! Switching to reusable cotton rounds is an easy way to do this, and so wanted to help by including free 12-packs of our reusable bamboo cotton rounds for every $75 order. 

The Environmental Impact of Cotton Rounds

A girl holding onto a cotton round, rubbing it onto her face.

Cotton rounds are soft, versatile pieces of cotton fibre that are typically used to remove makeup or apply toners and lotions. The downside is that they add up quickly - a routine that uses two cotton rounds a day, one to remove makeup and another to apply toner, totals 730 cotton rounds used in a year. That’s a lot! 

According to the World Wildlife Fund, cultivating cotton fields requires more water than any other agricultural commodity. The resulting run-off contributes dangerous amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, and other minerals into water sources, impacting both the environment and the people living in nearby communities. While new initiatives like the Better Cotton Initiative have been successful in improving this over the last decade, cutting out disposable cotton rounds and switching to reusable ones is another way to help cut down on the damage.

Why Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds?

A collection of green bamboo tree stems.

Bamboo trees are one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some varieties growing to nearly a metre a day! They’re quick to regrow when cut at the root, and require less than a third of the water used to raise cotton crops, without an irrigation system. This makes bamboo an ideal source of fabric given the fewer resources needed to produce them, compared to cotton. 

Bamboo fabric is also soft and hypoallergenic thanks to its long fibres, making them an extremely gentle option for your skin. Our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds also come with a mesh laundry bag that makes them easy to clean - just pop them into the washer and dryer, and you’re good to go!

Creative Ways to Use Cotton Rounds

Outside of using them to remove makeup and apply toner, what else can you do with these reusable cotton rounds? Here’s some other ideas for you to try out!

Cleansing for Gentle Exfoliation

  • 1 cotton round

When cleansing or removing a face mask, wet the cotton round with warm water and massage into the skin to help cleanse or rinse. The soft fibres will help gently exfoliate away the dead skin cells.

Cooling Eye Mask for Depuffing & Soothing

  • Green or black tea
  • 2 cotton rounds

Soak the two cotton pads with green or black tea, placing them into the refrigerator. In the morning, squeeze out the excess tea, and place both cool cotton pads over your eyes. The caffeine content of the tea and the coolness of the liquid will help depuff and brighten the area.

DIY Sheet Mask for Hydration

  • Hydrating lotion or toner
  • Water or green tea
  • 4-5 cotton rounds

Combine a few drops of your favourite hydrating lotion or moisturizer with water or green tea, mixing thoroughly. Soak the cotton rounds in this mixture, then apply to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose for 10 minutes. Remove then pat in to absorb, then follow up with a moisturizer if preferred - no need to rinse!

If you want an extra cool treat, you can also refrigerate the soaked cotton pads before masking.