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A Beginner's Guide to Building Your Wholesome Skincare Routine

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

Beauty isn’t just skin-deep - quite literally! Our skin is the largest organ in our body, with internal and external issues related to diet, hormones, and the environment around us often reflecting in our skin’s condition. You might see this when your skin is extra flakey or through a sudden breakout on your jawline, all signals that your skin is trying to tell you something. The most important part about “good skin” is proper self-care, taking care of yourself inside and out, and that’s what SCHMEAR is all about. Wholesome, feel-good skincare.

But sometimes, our skin does need a little extra boost, and that’s where skincare comes into play. Today, we’ll guide you through building a basic skincare routine for your skin - just keep reading!

Step 1: Understanding Your Skin Type

A good skincare regimen looks different for everyone. We all have different skin types, diets, and environments that impact our skin’s needs. For some people, less may be more for products, and the opposite is true for others - it all depends on the person!

Skin types are categorized by how much oil, sebum, your skin naturally produces. The first step to building your routine is determining whether your skin is dry, normal, oily, or combination. WebMD has an excellent guide, some of the skin type characteristics we’ve summarized below.

Dry Skin 

  • Little to no sebum production
  • Small pores 
  • Skin often feels dry or taut
  • Prone to peeling

Normal Skin

  • In-between sebum production
  • Balanced skin texture and complexion

Oily Skin

  • Increased sebum production
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin often looks shiny or feels congested

Combination Skin

  • Different areas of the face produce different amounts of sebum
  • A combination of dry, normal, or oily skin characteristics 

Once you’ve determined your skin type and characteristics, it’s time to build your regimen!

Step 2: Building Your Routine

All routines are built with three things in mind: cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin. 


Cleansers help wash your skin, removing any pollutants, sweat, or sebum that builds up overnight or throughout the day. A consistent cleansing routine is critical for your routine and ensuring a fresh canvas for other products. Depending on your skin’s type and needs, you might cleanse once or twice a day - usually during the morning or evenings. 

Our Matcha + Kelp Powder Cleanser is a great way to gently cleanse your face, rejuvenating your skin with superfood ingredients like matcha, kelp, and apple cider vinegar to nourish it from the outside in. It’s friendly for all skin types and for those with sensitive skin. 

Psst … interested in our products but unsure of trying the full size? No worries, we offer all of them in smaller sample sizes!


Toners counteract the alkalinity of facial cleansers by re-balancing your skin’s pH levels to its natural acidity. This in-between product also prepares your freshly-cleansed skin with other benefits - hydration, soothing, nutrients, all depending on the toner type - and helps your skin better absorb your moisturizer. 

Treat your skin with a spritz of our Aloe Vera + Blue Pea Balancing Toner after cleansing - it’s an antioxidant-rich blend formulated to re-balance your pH levels, while refining pores, and brighten. 


Skin moisture can be dependent on a variety of factors outside of skin type: stressors, weather changes, or even ageing, all of which can affect your skin’s ability to retain water. This is why, following your cleanser, a moisturizer is critical to hydrating your skin and protecting it from drying out - and this is an important step for all skin types! 

If you have drier skin, hydrating options like our Organic Rosehip + Sea Buckthorn Antioxidant Oil are a great way for you to stay soft and glowy even during more arid climates. Similarly for oilier skin, gels and lightweight options like our Organic Argan + Tamanu Clarifying Oil are perfect for maintaining the right level of hydration. Our botanical oil moisturizers are formulated to sink right in and make your skin feel silky and renewed - so check them out!


Exposure to the sun can put us at higher risk of skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and changes to our skin texture and elasticity. Sunscreen is one of the most crucial steps in protecting your skin and usually goes after your moisturizer in the mornings, to be cleansed off in the evening. 

For everyday use, dermatologists usually recommend sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 30, though higher is better for prolonged outdoor activities. 

Step 3: Getting Started!

Need help with building your basics? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Superfood Skincare Starter Kit, which includes sample sizes of our cleanser, toner, face oil, and mask with a vegan brush. Our Starter Kits come in three different variants, easy to choose by your skin type and needs.