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5 Different Ways to Use Your Face Oils

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

As the summer heat dehydrates our body inside out, this might be the perfect time to play around with facial oils. Read more to find out five tried and tested ways you can use your facial oil and make the most out of it!

treat damaged hair & add shine

If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun rays, it can damage the cuticle, the outer layer of your hair strand. A 2013 study discovered that the antioxidants within argan oil help protect the skin and hair against the harsh sun rays.

We recommend using our Argan + Tamanu Clarifying Face Oil and applying it to the bottom half of your hair to leave your hair smelling amazing while giving you that glossy shine. You can also use it as a styling oil or when you skipped out on conditioner! Not only does it give you a great hair day, but it prevents your hair from sun damage such as discolouration, dry and brittle strands, fizziness, and split ends.

mix with your favourite foundation

Wearing thicker makeup may not be ideal for the warmer weather. A great alternative to a full coverage foundation is to make your own sheer foundation by mixing a few drops of your face oil. Not only will this be highly moisturizing, but it will give you that beautiful glow.

Gentle reminder: Don’t mix facial oils with sunscreen as that can reduce the SPF level and the overall performance of the sunscreen. Remember to apply your facial oils before your sunscreen and to wait at least five minutes to let it sink in. Then proceed with your sunscreen and mix your foundation and oil as another layer.

make your own natural exfoliator

Using leftover coffee grounds or sugar mixed in with face oils creates a natural exfoliant that’s perfect to use right before you shave. Not only does this get rid of the dead skin cells, but it also helps retain the skin’s moisture with the added hydration from the face oils. With this DIY, we suggest only using it on the body as it may be too harsh for your face.

Friendly reminder: Remember to only exfoliate once a week if you have dry skin, and for all other skin types, you can exfoliate two to three times a week. However, always make sure to do what’s best for your skin as less is more with exfoliators.

boost your body lotion

Speaking of giving love to our body, adding a few drops of face oils into your body lotion acts as a booster and leaves your skin moisturized all day. This is especially great if you are sunburned or have dehydrated skin. Applying a face oil full of antioxidant properties will help minimize peeling and heal your skin.

use it as a cuticle oil

Our hands work hard every day, and sometimes it needs some major TLC. Especially these days when washing our hands is even more crucial and with harsh soaps and hand sanitizer, it leaves our hands and nails extremely dry. Facial oils can substitute your cuticle oil and replenish your dry and brittle nails.

A quick tip: Add in a couple of drops of castor oil to further strengthen your nails.


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