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10 Skin Care Habits To Take Your Skin To The Next Level

by SCHMEAR Naturals |

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Hence, it's imperative to practice simple skin care habits to promote healthy skin. Here are our ten habits for skin care that we swear by. 

#1: don't touch your face

Studies have found that people touch their faces at least 23 times in an hour. Unfortunately, touching our faces leads to clogged pores, damage to your skin's natural lip barrier, or the spread of bacteria and viruses. Hence, having good hand hygiene is even more imperative. This also includes not popping pimples or squeezing blackheads. Instead, try applying our Kale + Spirulina Clarifying Face Mask as a spot treatment for minimizing pimples and use a cleanser with our Konjac Facial Sponge around the nose and chin to reduce the buildup of blackheads. 

Tip: Always remember to wash your hands before cleansing your face. It may seem redundant, but your hands are a hotspot for bacteria. Washing your hands beforehand will minimize any transfer of bacteria that can cause skin infections or breakouts.

#2: wash your face every night

We've all been there where you're tired after a long day, and removing makeup seems like the last of our concerns. But removing all that makeup helps minimize the regret we have with dirty faces the next day. In fact, cleansing is crucial as unwashed faces prevent our skin from renewing and repairing itself at night. Therefore wash your face every night even if you didn't wear makeup or sunscreen. During the day, we accumulate pollutants, sweat, dirt, grime, and oil. So even if our skin looks clean, the buildup of dirt and gunk can cause skin irritations and breakouts.

Don't solely rely on makeup wipes as it only removes the outer layer. Instead, to deeply cleanse your pores, you need to use a cleanser. We recommend double cleansing with micellar water or cleansing oil and pair it with our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds. Then followed up with our Matcha + Kelp Gentle Cleansing Powder, a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip your skin's natural oils yet deeply cleanses your pores. 

Also, remember to use lukewarm water as extreme temperatures can be too harsh on your skin. Freezing water can cause irritations and rosacea flare-ups. Hot water can strip your skin's natural oils and hydration and damage your skin's most outer layer, the epidermis. 

Tips: We like to cleanse our face as soon as we come home, rather than leaving it last minute where you're already dozing off.

#3: change your pillowcases regularly

Even though you've been cleaning your face every night, your bedsheets and especially pillowcase may be the problem with unexpected breakouts. Your pillowcase accumulates dandruff, hair products, dead skin cells, dirt, and so much more. One week of use, pillowcases had 17,442 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yuk! Studies have also shown that 99% of people have allergens such as dust mites in their bedroom, contributing to allergies and illnesses. So by not regularly washing your pillowcase affects not only your skin but your respiratory system and can cause illnesses such as asthma. Try changing your pillowcases every 2-3 days, if not at least once a week. 

Tips: When washing your bedsheets and pillowcases, try using dry-free and fragrance-free detergents and avoid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as it leaves a waxy residue on your pillowcase, which can clog up your pores.

#4: get your beauty sleep

We all hear how important sleep is for our general health but did you know that it strongly impacts your skin as well. A study showed that those who suffered from sleep disorders are more susceptible to skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. Sleep is vital for healthy skin because it helps your skin cells regenerate and repair. A lack of sleep can promote cortisol, a stress hormone that encourages inflammation, the buildup of oil and sebum, breakouts, dullness, dryness, and dark circles. Remember to minimize screen time right before bed as that can mess up your body's internal clock, the circadian rhythm that ultimately disrupts your sleep quality.

#5: eat a healthy & balanced diet

Let's face it; we've all heard that we are what we eat. We, skincare lovers, invest a lot of time and effort in our skincare routine, but it can be counterintuitive if you don't eat balanced meals. Diets with high processed, refined sugars and unhealthy fat encourage breakouts and skin troubles. Incorporating nutritious meals can help promote a glowing complexion from the inside and out.

According to WebMD, the best foods for healthy skin include avocados, dark leafy greens, green tea, fatty fish, nuts, and much more. What you eat significantly affects your skin's health so being more conscious of what you intake is crucial for promoting healthy skin!

#6: stay active

Intense exercises that make you sweat helps bring out the toxins, increase blood circulation and lymph flow. Improving blood circulation helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin, promoting new skin cells and collagen production. It also helps minimize your stress levels as cortisol, a stress hormone that can compromise the skin's barrier. 

Tips: Sweating helps clear out your pores, but only if your skin is clean before your exercise. Try to apply minimal makeup or, even better, only using sunscreen the next time you hit the gym. Also, do not skip that post-gym shower as that can exacerbate acne.

#7: stay hydrated

Drinking water may be one of the simplest but most effective skincare habits in maintaining healthy skin. It is recommended to drink about 3.7 litres of fluid a day for men and 2.7 litres of fluids a day for women. Not too sure if you are drinking enough water? The easiest way to know if you're drinking enough water is to check the colour of your urine. If it's a darker yellow, it means you need to drink more. If it's almost clear or light yellow, you are drinking enough water. 

Tip: If you're not the biggest fan of water, try incorporating fruits and herbs to enhance the flavour and encourage your daily water intake.

#8: wear sunscreen 365 days a year

Whether it's rain or skin, indoor or outdoor, prolonged exposure to UV rays negatively impacts your skin. Therefore, it's crucial to find a sunscreen that protects against UVA, UVB, and blue light. In addition, blue light from digital screens has similar properties to UV rays. That's why it's essential to make it a habit to apply sunscreen every single day, whether you're inside or outside. 

Tip: Make sure to apply 15 minutes before you go outside on exposed areas, and especially your neck, chest, ears, and the back of your hands, and to reapply every 2 hours.

#9: don't neglect your décolleté

Often, people forget about taking care of décolleté just as much as their face. The skin on your décolleté is thinner and has fewer sebaceous glands, meaning that it's more prone to dryness than the skin on your face. So next time you apply your skincare routine (including your daily SPF), make sure to use it on your neck and chest.

#10: take care of your hands & feet

Our hands and feet work overtime, and just like our décolleté, it needs major TLC. Remember to use gloves when using harsh cleaning products, moisturize, and apply sunscreen regularly. 

Tip: We love using our face oils as a cuticle oil and simple DIY hand and feet mask. All you need is to choose your favourite lotion or balm, add a few drops of face oil, and a pair of gloves or socks. Mix the products, then apply generously to your hands. Afterwards, slip on a pair of gloves or socks and allow it to soak up overnight or for 30 minutes, leaving you soft and hydrated.


Our ten habits to healthy skin may appear too mundane to show actual results. However, they are all backed up by science. Ultimately, with any good skincare habits, consistency is key. We hope you found this helpful for your journey to a healthier version of yourself. Your future self will thank you!